The condition known as bursitis is the result of an inflammation of bursae, which are fluid-filled sacs found in areas subject to friction, such as where a tendon passes over a bone. Bursitis can be caused by excessive pressure and repetitive movement. As a result, the shoulders, knees and elbows are the most commonly affected parts of the body. Another cause of bursitis is traumatic injury, since the bursae no longer fits in the small space between the bone and muscle or tendon.

Some symptoms of bursitis are pain and swelling around the bone or tendon in question, making movement difficult. In addition, you may experience redness of the skin in the affected area. Since bursitis can be infectious and must be treated with antibiotics, it is important to seek medical care upon recognizing these symptoms. A fever can be a sign of infection, as well as severe tenderness or warmth around the joint.  Infected bursae may have to be drained with a needle by your doctor before prescribing antibiotics. In rare cases, a the bursae may have to be surgically removed.

A doctor may refer a patient with bursitis to a physical therapist, who can provide the following therapies; ultrasound, muscle massage to ease myofascial pain. A physical therapist may recommend an exercise program that will help the patient regain motion in an injured area. Once the initial pain eases, the patient will need to strengthen the area to prevent re-injury.

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