The McKenzie Theory is a well-known theory for dealing with neck and back pain but many patients are unaware of the details surrounding it, assuming it is merely a group of home exercises they can do in their own time. While this is true, the theory also involves assessment, treatment, and prevention strategies requiring a trained physical therapist. The McKenzie Theory was designed specially to extend the spine and move the pain away from the leg or arm to the back, as back pain is considerably more tolerable compared to leg or arm pain. The theory is meant to treat the source of pain as opposed to the symptoms.

The long-term goal of the McKenzie Theory is to train patients to use neck and back exercises for as long as they need. The treatment does not require any sort of cold therapy, heat therapy, ultrasound, needles, or medicine, as it gives patients the opportunity to treat themselves and relieve their own pain. Another goal is to reduce pain quickly so patients can return to their daily activities. The only downside to the theory is the pain does not centralize in all patients and therefore not everyone in pain will be able to benefit from the exercises.

A main concern for getting past treatment is allowing a trained physical therapist to show the patient the proper techniques. Patients can end up hurting themselves and causing more pain without proper guidance, and doing these exercises correctly is crucial to maintaining good overall health and wellness. If you live in the Nassau County area and are struggling with neck or back pain, inquire about the McKenzie Theory offered at Advanced Physical Therapy in Wantagh as they have a proven track record of successful treatment for their patients.

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