With nice weather comes perfect temperatures to go out in the ocean or on the lake and participate in some water sports. Water sports often involve a boat powered by a motor, or something such as a jet ski, which is why it is important to remember to take certain safety precautions when working with these powerful engines.

Things such as wakeboarding, tubing, water skiing, and jet skiing can be a lot of fun. There are many concerns to the average participant regarding safety when it comes to these activities.

First off, it is very important to remember to have the proper safety gear such as life jackets. Everyone should be wearing one at all times, even if they are a good swimmer. Injuries sustained during these activities can cause someone to lose consciousness, which would mean that they are not able to swim, creating a drowning hazard.

Proper clothing and footwear for each activity should be worn as well, which can vary based on the intensity or type of sport you are participating in. Also, be sure to obey carrying capacities and weight regulations. They are there for a reason.

While having fun, it is easy to get carried away. All areas of water have speed limits that should be observed for your own, and other people’s, safety. Excessive speed can cause ropes to snap, or create a hazardous environment for those around you. People could potentially get hit, and it is also important to look out for other people that are speeding and steer clear.

Different areas also have different regulations regarding licensing and a boater safety course, so be sure to double-check that before going out on the water. The last thing anybody needs is a ticket for being improperly licensed.

Once all of the safety precautions are taken, get out on the water and have some fun!

Photo by Brandon Nelson on Unsplash