Now that you many of you have been working from home for 2 months since the COVID-19 crisis began, are you:

  1. Working off your laptop?
  2. Using your couch or kitchen table as your new desk?
  3. Having more neck or back pain?
  4. Having numbness in your arms or legs?
  5. Having eye strain and fatigue?
  6. Losing muscle tone?
  7. Having difficulty managing your weight?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are that your desk set up could use a face lift.

Proper posture is important in reducing unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints. In order to improve your ability to work at home, it is crucial to set up a dedicated workspace. You will benefit from an adjustable office chair, desk, height adjustable monitor, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse, and mousepad with a wrist rest.

Access Physical Therapy and Wellness can provide a telehealth visit to perform a Home Office Ergonomic Assessment. Our team of physical therapists will use the video capabilities of your smart phone, tablet, or laptop to perform a live virtual assessment of your needs, and provide customized recommendations for your work station. They will also provide you with ergonomic tips and an exercise program that can be performed throughout the day to mitigate the symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders.

The cost of this service is $75. We are offering a ONE TIME DEAL—-The first FIVE callers will receive this service for FREE.

If you have further questions, and would like to set up a telehealth Home Office Assessment, please contact us at 914-787-7022.

Woman sitting on the floor, working on a laptop computer