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Do You Have Chronic Pain? Physical Therapy Can Help

Pain is defined differently to each person. Some people can tolerate pain well while others…well…not so much. It may be time to seek the help of a specialist if you have reached your tolerance level or threshold of pain, although waiting until that point is usually not the best decision as symptoms may worsen over time.

The brain produces signals to the body as a warning to make you aware and conscious that there is a problem in or to the body. Pain is an unpleasant sensation that is usually associated with injury or tissue damage and it can be acute or chronic. The main sign that you have chronic pain is fearfulness, or when you avoid activity because you are scared to access the part of the body that hurts. If your knee hurts, for example, you may fear standing on it and creating a substantial amount of pain and discomfort due to the extra pressure.

Seeking the help of a physical therapist will help if you are in a situation where a limb or muscle is painful or uncomfortable. A specialist will find ways to improve your quality of life and find a solution to help you get active again. Physical therapists will teach you how to manage pain in a healthy way by providing unique treatments designed specifically to meet your needs.

Pain is usually reduced within the first few meetings and most treatments include strengthening and flexibility exercises which help you move more easily with less discomfort. Movements will gradually increase according to your abilities and physical therapists will carefully introduce gradual exercise programs to train the brain to sense the problem area of your body without sending pain signals. Manual therapy, including gentle hands-on techniques, can benefit the joint, and electric, heat, or ice may be used in place of manual therapy.

Physical therapists can benefit any physical issues you may face and can help find ways in which you can live a happier, pain-free life. Physical therapy is a great alternative to medication and surgery.

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