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Ergonomics is the practice in which a job is specifically designed to fit the worker. This practice is much more beneficial than forcing the worker to fit the job. There are numerous things that are taken into consideration when designing a job to fit the worker. Ergonomics is a science; it’s about taking human abilities and matching them to the work environment.

The main focus of ergonomics is to offer several healthy and safe postures for the worker to choose from while doing their job. By doing this, ergonomic disorders will decrease. These work-related disorders consist of carpal tunnel, tendonitis and trigger finger. In order to prevent these conditions, there are a few different changes that could be made inside the office. Providing adjustable and removable keyboards and tilting computer screens can make a large difference. The ability for a worker to adjust their posture to a comfortable and healthy position while on their computer will make for a healthier work environment.

Now that you know about the physical stressors, it’s important to know that environmental factors play a role as well. Lighting and noise can have a negative impact if they’re not up to par. Proper lighting with anti-glare filters to prevent glares on the screens are beneficial for a worker’s vision. Without proper lighting, eyestrain and headaches can occur. Also, excessive noise can cause hearing issues.

Since every workspace is different, Access Physical Therapy & Wellness certified therapists can conduct on-site evaluations of a particular site’s ergonomic requirements and identify what needs changing. A report is made of risk factors and solutions and once the report is reviewed by the therapist and the employer, cost-effective solutions can be put in place to improve the worker’s health based on their environment. What this means for employers is healthier, happier workers with less workers compensation claims.

Now that you know how much a work environment can impact your health, try to make a change before it seriously impacts your body or the bodies of your employees. The science of ergonomics might be more important than you think!

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