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February Heart Health

Stay heart healthy during the month of February. It is officially heart health awareness month. February is the month of love so why not take care of the source where it all comes from? Heart disease, otherwise known as cardiovascular disease, is the number one killer of men and women in the United States. Cardiovascular disease includes strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure. It disables men and women from working and enjoying day to day activities. This disease has cost the United States billions each year in medications, health care services and the loss of productivity.

Cardiovascular disease affects everyone in different ways. Studies show that the survival rate of people ages 65-74 has decreased, but the number hasn’t changed in people under the age of 65. Unfortunately, studies also show that men are twice more likely than women to die from this disease. Close relatives diagnosed with cardiovascular disease also puts you at a higher risk of eventually getting it. Another factor that comes into play with this disease is your race and ethnicity. Over 40% of African Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. They are more likely than any other ethnic group to have high blood pressure and develop cardiovascular disease earlier in life.

There are so many preventative measures one can do to help reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Many deaths could have been prevented through adopting a healthier lifestyle. In order to not be overwhelmed all at once, take each day as a new obstacle. Adopt healthier eating habits and a new diet. Adults are expected to have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Get up every day and get active. Whether it’s running around your house cleaning or going on a run at the local park; everything counts.

Yearly checkups with your doctors are extremely important even if you think you are healthy. There are conditions that can be going on for a long time without being noticed. Monitoring your blood pressure regularly is easy to do in order to stay intact with what’s going on in your body. Tobacco use is absolutely frowned upon when trying to dodge cardiovascular disease. Doctors recommend if you’re a smoker to quit, and if you aren’t, don’t start. Also, limit your alcohol use.

There are many ways to end the rise of cardiovascular disease. With these easy steps you will be sure to see a difference in your everyday life. One step at a time, cardiovascular disease can be managed. Take part in February heart health month and spread the word.

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