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Finished Half Iron Man With New Personal Record

Patient: James
Location: Brookfield, CT

James was training for his 5th Half Ironman Triathlon race. A week and a half before the race, he woke up with severe low back pain. Barely able to stand up straight or walk, he called Access Physical Therapy and Wellness in Brookfield. He arrived Direct Access (without a prescription from a doctor), and Clinical Director Joe Esposito performed his evaluation. Joe was able to come up with an accurate diagnosis and began treatment immediately, including spinal manipulation and corrective exercises. James began feeling better after his first session and continued to attend treatment sessions with Joe and the team at Access Brookfield leading up to the race. James was not only able to complete his 5th Half Ironman, but he did so without back pain and he set a new PR of 5 hours and 15 minutes! Congratulations James! We are very happy to be part of your team.