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We offer a self-funded health insurance plan on the utilizing a variety of networks. Employees working thirty (30) hours per week or more are eligible to participate in the health insurance plans on the first of the month following a thirty (30) day waiting period. Employees will be responsible for a portion of the premiums based on the plan they choose, through pre-taxed payroll contributions.

Offered through Guardian.

  • Accrued, 3 weeks per year, an additional week on your 5th year.
  • 6 Holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day)
  • Employees working 30-39 hours per week will receive pro-rated benefit time.

Employees who earn or are expected to earn $5,000 per year are eligible to participate in the SIMPLE IRA after a 30-day waiting period.

  • Allows you to put away up to $13,000/yr. pre-tax.
  • Company will match 100% of contributions up to 3% of annual salary. The company match is made annually.
  • Immediately vested.

One-time bonus at the completion of your 5th year of service equal to 3% of your last year’s salary.

Employee discounts available through Verizon, Working Advantage.

APTA Membership: We reimburse full time employees for 50% of their APTA membership dues.

Employee Recognition Program: We love to reward and show appreciation for a job well done so we have implemented a point system to reward everyone for increased flexibility and “going above and beyond.” There are several categories that we award points for, and you can redeem points for gift certificates at any time.

Activities, events, recognition program and staff outings to build friendship and camaraderie.

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