Physical therapists who participated in course on muscle energy and soft tissue techniques for the lower quadrant.

MONROE, N.Y. (Oct 17, 2016)— The weekend of Oct. 15 Access Physical Therapy & Wellness hosted a course for physical therapists at its Monroe location. The course covered muscle energy and soft tissue techniques for the lower quadrant and was taught by Terry Bemis, PT, MPT, M.S., B.S. OT, Cert MDT.

Access has a culture that encourages its physical therapists to gain additional certifications and education whenever the opportunity presents itself. Each year, Access offers three courses to expand their clinical skills and remain at the forefront of care.

“At Access, we encourage our physical therapists to constantly strive to learn new techniques and enhance their credentials by gaining new certifications,” said Stephen Albanese, one of the owners of Access and a physical therapist. “We strive to be leaders in the physical therapy community by staying on the forefront of new techniques and by promoting the idea that education is a worthwhile, lifelong endeavor.”

The purpose of the two-day course was to teach physical therapists to compare and contrast differing methods and philosophies of evaluation and treatment for the lower quadrant. Physical therapists were taught to identify and palpate anatomical landmarks and muscles in the lumbar, pelvis and hip regions. There was a demonstration on how to perform the manual techniques presented in the class, followed by an opportunity for the participants to practice the techniques. Finally, there was an overview of home exercise programs that complement the treatments taught in the program.

Bemis has been teaching manual therapy courses relating to the spine, pelvis, hip and upper extremities since 1992. He graduated Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 1981. From there he worked as an OT in the U.S. Army for 3 years before going to school for physical therapy. In 1985, he graduated from the U.S. Army/Baylor University Program in Physical Therapy. Later, in 1992, Bemis received his master’s degree in Biomechanics from the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University. He currently practices as a physical therapist in North Carolina and teaches courses on physical therapy techniques through special seminars.

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