Brookfield, CT (March 29th, 2019)— Access Physical Therapy & Wellness in Brookfield hosted a two-day dry needling course taught by Dr. Jason B. Myerson.  Several Access Physical Therapy & Wellness locations and physical therapists attended and completed the course. With the completion of the course, they earned a Level 1 certification in trigger point dry needling.

The following physical therapists attended the course, received certification, and now offer trigger point dry needling:  From the Norwalk office, Orna Levy, MA, PT and Nancy Reichlin, PT, MS, Director of Norwalk; from the Danbury office, Nicole Theus, PT, DPT and Lisa Dransfield, PT, DPT, MA, Director of Danbury.  Lisa has already been certified, but she attended to assist and refresh some of the information.  From the Kent office, Arlin DeBoer, PT, MSPT, Director of Kent; and from the Stamford locations, Vinny Parrillo, PT, DPT, Jaclyn LaBarbera, PT, DPT, Jay LaBarbera, PT, DPT and Sean Altman, PT, DPT, CPT, Regional Director and Partner of Stamford.

“After completion of this course, we now have additional skills and knowledge necessary to treat our patients with pain that may be caused by trigger points,” said Nancy Reichlin, PT, MS, and Director of the Norwalk location, “through the use of dry needling, we are able to release tight muscles, decrease the activity of overused or overworked muscles as well as activate muscles that may have shut down after injury or surgery.”

Dry needling is an effective treatment for chronic pain that involves advancement of a monofilament needle in the region of a trigger point in order to release tension and relieve pain. Dry needling is not to be confused with acupuncture.  Acupuncture has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and is considered an alternative medical treatment that uses predetermined, non- localized and superficial points as its foundation.

Trigger point dry needling, however, is based on western neuroanatomy and modern scientific study of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It is necessary to have a medical diagnosis. The process involves performing a thorough examination, which is imperative to determine the area to be treated, and the needle insertion is based on the physical exam, objective data, and the patient’s subjective complaints. Knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, neuroanatomy and the vascular system is essential, making the physical therapist a highly trained provider of dry needling.  There often is immediate relief of acute pain, as well as improvement in range of motion and function.

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