Access Home Health is a service for residents of assisted living facilities in the area to receive one-on-one care from a visiting physical therapist

Knightdale, NC (May 21, 2018)— Access Physical Therapy & Wellness has announced a new on-site physical therapy service for residents of assisted living facilities in areas of Wake and Johnston counties. The service, Access Home Health, includes traveling physical therapists who can treat patients one-on-one and provide screenings and fall prevention education for all residents.

In order to qualify, residents must meet the following criteria: must have had a fall in the past, experienced weakness/pain and/or had a recent functional decline with or without hospitalization, difficulty in functional independence, tolerance, and safety. Access Home Health offers a customized fall prevention plan for each facility based on comprehensive fall data analysis. The program includes actual physical therapy treatment, facility staff training, assistive device screening, and complimentary fall screens for ALL residents. Quality checkpoints to understand compliance to and efficacy of the program are also integrated.

Access Home Health provides the opportunity to have on-site physical therapy for residents while also providing continued physical therapy after discharge from other home health agencies.

“I’m excited to bring this service to our North Carolina locations,” said George Ramos, physical therapist and Director of Access Home Health. “Physical therapy can help improve the lives and safety of many residents but it can be difficult for them to travel for treatment.”

George Ramos, who holds a masters and doctorate in physical therapy, will travel to facilities that partner with Access to offer physical therapy to residents one-on-one. He will provide facility education of efficient fall tracking, root cause analysis and quick wins for common fall challenges.

Appointments on site are available in 24 hours from request. This service also provides free screens and follow up appointments during the year so patients can track their improvements and prevent deterioration of their progress.

Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Living Facilities that are interested in partnering with Access Home Health can contact Ramos at (984) 289-7679.

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness has physical therapy clinics located at 502 McKnight Drive Suite 103, Knightdale and 8838 US Highway 70 W Suite 300, Clayton.For more information on Access Physical Therapy & Wellness call (919) 217-8885 or visit