Their patient-first values allow them to continue to hold their own in competition against large corporations

4 founders, 4 states, 30+ locations, and 15 years later, Access Physical Therapy & Wellness is excited to be celebrating their 15-year anniversary as a 100% family and therapist owned physical therapy practice.

On July 15, 2003 two brothers, Chris and Stephen Albanese, along with their wives, Janet and Shannon, opened their clinic in Montgomery, New York. All four of them were working as physical therapists but felt like there wasn’t a high quality physical therapy practice in their hometown – Orange County.

Once they opened their own practice, they realized the potential to help people with their clinics. Two years later, in 2005, they opened a second location in Port Jervis, New York and now in 2018 they own and operate more than 30. At all of their practices, they put their patients first with their personal and individual care.

As they stuck to this simple but powerful mission, they became more than just a brand; they became a family. They believe in seeing their employees flourish, so they give them many opportunities to grow as people, therapists, and leaders. Kevin Stafford is one of those employees; he jumped at every chance to grow. Now, this month, he’s celebrating his 10-year anniversary as Director of Montgomery.

This is just the beginning for Access Physical Therapy & Wellness and for the next 15 years they will continue helping their employees grow personally and professionally, and they refuse to succumb to the changing landscape in the industry. They will continue to improve and always put patients first.

Everyday their patients remind them why they decided to start their practice and their recoveries show them how they are actively improving people’s lives, which is why they refuse to compromise patient care.

With the ever-changing industry, their support and care are what allows them to hold their own when stacked against large corporations. By believing in their mission and goals, they became a four-time winner of the One of the Best Places to Work award in New York.

To celebrate where it all began for Access Physical Therapy & Wellness, they are hosting a 15-year anniversary celebration on July 19th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at their original clinic in Montgomery, New York.