Most physical therapy patients are rehabilitating from an injury, treating chronic pain, or recovering from surgery or illness, but there are others who could benefit from physical therapy to improve their daily lives. Physical therapy can help to increase mobility, balance, flexibility, and even bone density in senior citizens, which can help them to maintain their independence and reduce their risks of injury.

As we age, we naturally lose flexibility, strength, balance, and the energy to maintain physical fitness. Physical therapy can help to restore these functions and increase energy so that maintaining good health and physical fitness isn’t so difficult.

How can a physical therapist help?

When you arrive at your first appointment with a physical therapist, they will take a full medical history, assess your current condition, and discuss what your therapy goals are. In subsequent visits, your physical therapist will design a program tailored exclusively to you and will update it accordingly to best help you meet your personal goals in a safe and controlled environment.

Common conditions among seniors that physical therapy can address:

For more information on how physical therapy can help reverse the aging process, find an Access Physical Therapy & Wellness location near you, and schedule an appointment with one of our licensed physical therapists.