When you suffer from an injury that affects your lifestyle and daily routine, it can be hard to stay motivated throughout the recovery process. Here at Access Physical Therapy & Wellness, we are committed to helping our patients at every step of the way toward restoring not only physical health, but maintaining a healthy mind and spirit.

Physical therapist Robert Dolney demonstrated this commitment by helping his patient, Brandon, to recover from a sports injury. Brandon had wrestled in his senior year of high school and performed well. But once the season closed, he began to notice constant weakness and restricted, painful movement in his left arm.
Concerned that something wasn’t right, Brandon saw his doctor right away. He learned that he was suffering from a 270 degree labral tear in his shoulder, along with a cyst sitting on his nerve. Labral tears occur when the soft rubbery cartilage that lays in the joint between your scapula and humerus is severely worn down. This can happen from injuries or overuse. Once torn, the labral tissue can cause shoulder instability and aches.

Fortunately, Brandon’s injury was identified and corrected with surgery. After wearing a sling for two weeks, he could now begin the the physical therapy needed to get back to the sports he loved.

Brandon started off with an already strong sense of motivation. He made it his goal to recover 110%, in time for the spring baseball season. Robert gave him the first basic exercises to strengthen his forearm by bending his fingers and squeezing stress balls to work the wrist.

Although Brandon found his progress initially boring and limited, he did not falter. Robert was even getting pushed by Brandon to be creative and give him more exercises, which he passed with flying colors. Brandon always asked what more he could do, and how he could improve his recovery. Everytime he walked into the building, he had a smile on his face. During sessions, he and Robert would crack jokes and never failed to laugh together.

That kind of engagement with the physical therapy by both Robert and Brandon made every session enjoyable for the two. Brandon knew that every day at Access Physical Therapy & Wellness would be a good day.

It is important to not neglect mental and emotional health during the physical healing process. Brandon felt devastated by his injury, which disrupted his active involvement in sports. But thanks to the clinic’s overall environment, his relationship with the staff, and his own inner strength, Brandon’s shoulder is now close to being fully recuperated.
Brandon’s goal of getting back to baseball will be realized when he plays for the Sullivan County Community College’s team this spring.

“I’m glad I went to Access Physical Therapy & Wellness. It was an experience like no other,” said Brandon.