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Physical Therapy and Arthritis

Winter is here and those with arthritis tend to suffer more pain in the colder weather. Scientists have devoted research to weather and its impact on your body and have found a correlation between arthritis and weather. Changes in temperature or a change in weight of the surrounding air can trigger joint pain, and it turns out the old wives’ tale about aching joints indicating a change in weather may actually be true.

Arthritis is defined as painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Colder weather may affect arthritis for the worse and it is best to follow a few instructions to limit the discomfort you may face.

The first and most obvious piece of advice is to dress warmly and comfortably. If it is cold outside, aching parts should be covered up. When the temperature shifts, layering may benefit you as you can always take clothes off if need be.

Staying active can help as physical activity can reduce pain and increase mobility with many types of arthritis. Physical therapy is a great way to keep active and improve your overall health condition. A physical therapist can create a personalized routine for you to follow rather than questioning what workouts would better suit your health. People with joint pain should stay active, and while it can be more difficult during the winter, exercising indoors in colder weathers can prevent aching. Along with staying active, it is important to stay hydrated as dehydration might make you more sensitive to pain.

A warm shower or even washing your hands with warm water can sooth the body. It is best to limit going outside in the cold weather after a hot bath or shower as you should wait for your body temperature should return to a more normal state. Adjusting your diet and adding more Vitamin D can lower your chances of feeling discomfort as Vitamin D deficiency might play a role in how sensitive you are to arthritis pain.

Keep an eye out for changes in your body during the winter as the reasoning may be due to change in temperature. Do your best to protect your body the best to your ability and seek treatment to limit pain or discomfort.

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