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Resistance Training for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can be a very painful and debilitating condition, and a common mistake made by people with this condition is resting and avoiding exerting the arthritic joint when a flare up occurs.

Proactivity is key when it comes to osteoarthritis. Under a professional’s supervision, a program of strategic resistance training and cardio can actually reduce your symptoms. Resistance training in particular is extremely beneficial towards improving not only your overall well being but the intensity of the flare ups.

Safe options for a cardiovascular workout include cycling, swimming, and moderate walking. Resistance training improves symptoms of osteoarthritis by strengthening the local connective muscles of the joint region and helping to compensate for the arthritic joint region. It also helps aid in healing the arthritic locations of the joint. If you have arthritis of the knee, for instance, exercises such as straight leg raises or leg curls could do the trick.

The most optimal regimen for your osteoarthritis is dependent on the affected joint. Form is crucial in making these exercises work due to the delicate nature of the arthritic joint. If you don’t know what you are doing, you risk possibly making your joint conditions worse, or possibly injuring the muscles you are attempting to strengthen.

Working under a professional’s supervision is critical to your success. A professional, such as a physical therapist, will be able to diagnose your joint’s condition and determine the best fitness regimen. The physical therapist will teach you the proper ways to execute these movements in addition to the correct an appropriate sequence, number of repetitions, and frequency.

Remaining active is extremely important and beneficial to managing your arthritis. Physical therapy can ensure that you are doing it the right way!