Gary Welch, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

East Patchogue, NY|

Dr. Gary Welch earned both his Bachelor’s and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from SUNY at Stony Brook, and has treated patients in the Patchogue community since 2000. A lifelong learner, he has completed many continuing education courses, including:

  1. Institute of Physical Arts (IPA) and Integrative Manual Therapy Solutions
    • Cervical Thoracic Integration
    • Lumbo-Pelvic Integration
    • Functional Orthopedics I & II
    • Functional Mobilization of The Upper Quarter Functional
    • Functional Mobilization of the Lower Quarter
    • Back Education Training
    • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  2. Maitland Physiotherapy Seminars
    • MT-1 Peripheral Mobilization
    • MT-2 Basic Spinal Mobilization
    • MT-3 Intermediate Spinal Mobilization & Manipulation
    • MT-4 Spinal Manipulation and Differential Assessment of the Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar spine, Shoulder, and Hip
  3. High Velocity Manipulation Therapy

Dr. Welch is adjunct professor in advanced orthopedics of the spine and pelvis at Stony Brook. He teaches the transitional doctorate physical therapy students the history of manual therapy, theory behind the skill, contraindications, precautions, and hands on manual and manipulative therapy skills, which will allow the students to be more competent in mobilization and manipulation of the spine and pelvis. Dr. Welch has recently been added as adjunct professor at Touro College in Bayshore. He teaches the doctoral physical therapy students Manipulative Therapy Of The Spine and Pelvis. This three day course will teach students the history of manual therapy, theory behind the skill, contraindication and precautions to manipulative therapy, and hands on skills to mobilize and manipulate the facet joints of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, as well as the sacroiliac joint.


  • 2008 Advance for Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant’s Magazine – Nationally recognized PT Practitioner of the Year
  • Winner of MAPS (Maitland) Case Study Award for “Clinical Reasoning as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist” for a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory “Spotlight Award”
  • Recipient of Stony Brook University’s 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Community Service:

Dr. Welch is a member of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital’s Advisory Council since 2007. He was a committee member of the Black Tie Committee at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, from 2008 to 2014, and Co-Chaired two of the Black Tie Events. He was the senior-vice president in 2014 and 2015, and the president of this committee in 2016 and 2017.

Dr. Welch is a spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association’s Private Practice Media Corps.


  • Certified Functional Manual Therapist (CFMT)
  • Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT)
  • Graston Technique – Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Kinesiotape
  • Job Site Analysis
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations