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Therapist Q&A: Physical Therapy and Your Golf Swing

The golf industry continues to grow and evolve into a more popular sport played by people in different age groups. Whether you’re a junior, amateur, weekend player, or professional, the golf swing can be demanding in many ways.

We often think of the human body as a well-developed machine. Much like a machine, the body goes through many mechanical events during a golf swing. As a TPI certified physical therapist, I can evaluate the way a golfer moves, and address any issues with their joints and muscles to help them achieve their maximum potential playing the game that they love. Here are some frequently asked patient questions about how physical therapy can help with their golf game.

How do I know what’s wrong with my golf swing?

Each type of golfer has different needs to improve their swings based on their body. We utilize the 17-Point Titleist Performance Institute Physical Assessment to evaluate how each player moves, as well as a swing analysis to help address potential limitations in the golf swing.

I was injured and now hurt when I swing. Can PT help?

If there is a previous or current injury that is limiting movement or strength while swinging a golf club, we can restore soft tissue or mobility impairments. It’s important to schedule a visit with a physical therapist for a proper assessment because swinging while injured can permanently change your swing.

Can I improve mobility with PT?

Mobility and stability are two crucial parts of the golf swing, and each joint functions differently. Joint and muscle-group specific exercises can help address limitations and improve the golf swing.

Is flexibility important to my golf swing?

Flexibility is very important when it comes to golfing. Our back muscles have to elongate throughout the backswing to generate club head speed. Lacking flexibility can lead to compensation in other parts of the body that can lead to increased stress or injury.

What do I do after I go to PT?

Once you get results that you are pleased with, we want to give you a maintenance program to help you continue feeling good and playing longer.

Whether an injury is keeping you off the links or you want to improve your overall condition to maximize your swing, we’re here to help. Give your local ACCESS PT office a call today!