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Tips To Prevent Tennis Injuries

Each year, more than 78,000 tennis-related injuries are treated in hospitals, doctor’s officess, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospital emergency rooms.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons offers the following tips to prevent tennis injuries:

    • Always take time to warm up and stretch.
    • Try to avoid playing on hard surface courts with no “give,” such as cement, asphalt, or synthetic courts.
    • Wear tennis shoes with good support to prevent ankle injuries.
    • prevent blisters on your hands, dry your racket handle frequently.
    • When serving or hitting overhead, do not arch your back unnecessarily. Instead, bend your knees and raise your heels, so your upper body weight is evenly balanced.
    • Avoid landing on the ball of your foot, which could result in an Achilles tendon injury.
    • Plantar fascitis can occur if your foot is overused.
  • Be knowledgeable about first aid and be able to administer it for minor injuries, such as facial cuts, bruises, or minor tendonitis, strains, or sprains.

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