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What is kinesiology tape?

Sports fans, have you ever wondered about the colorful tape seen on your favorite athletes? You may have noticed it on your favorite Olympian, while watching the Super Bowl, or even at the local high school basketball game. What is kinesiology tape, and why do so many athletes use it?

What is it?

Kinesiology tape is an extremely stretchy, thin therapeutic tape that was created in the 1970s. Unlike traditional athletic tapes, its stretchy nature allows the user to maintain full range of motion. It is also water resistant, allowing a single application to be worn for 3-5 days, even through showers and workouts.

The tape is applied in various patterns depending upon the orthopedic condition or injury. Our trained physical therapists can help determine the best taping pattern and method to meet each individual patient’s needs.

What kinesiology tape used for?

Although many people associate kinesiology tape with athletes, it can benefit a wide variety of patients. It is particularly helpful to those with repetitive use injuries such as construction workers, mechanics, office workers, and factory workers. Benefits can include:

  • reduction of pain or swelling
  • supporting weak muscles or joints
  • improving posture
  • increasing circulation
  • improving athletic performance

To attain optimal outcomes, physical therapists often use kinesiology tape in conjunction with other treatments, like manual therapy. Even if you aren’t an athlete, kinesiology taping may a good option for you. Contact your local ACCESS PT office today for more information!