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What to Expect from Your First Visit to a Physical Therapist

Have you considered physical therapy or have you already made your first appointment? Congratulations on beginning this next chapter of wellness in your life! It should be your top priority to get back to normal whether you’ve suffered from chronic pain for a portion of your life or you have had a sudden accident causing injury.

Your first appointment will be highly informational for both you and your physical therapist. During this evaluation, your physical therapist will ask you questions regarding your injury or condition as well as your lifestyle and history. Through a series of tests such as postural and movement analysis and strategic palpation of the affected muscles and joints, your physical therapist will be able to formulate a personalized action plan for your success.

The first visit to the physical therapist will in many cases be your first therapy session. Don’t forget to bring your insurance card or any paperwork from your doctor and be sure to wear comfortable clothing as your therapist will need you to have full range of motion. A typical physical therapy session will last around 45 minutes.

The physical therapist may prescribe you exercises to be performed at home in addition to exercises he or she will assist you with during a session. It is crucial to follow this routine as it will help further your progress as well as help with pain relief. The physical therapist will monitor and record your progress each session in order to fine tune your treatment plan and to make sure you are receiving the best treatment for your ailment.

Physical therapy is your first step to regaining your health and wellness and getting back to the lifestyle you remember. If you are looking to ease your chronic pain or need help recovering from an accident or injury, take that step and book an appointment today!

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