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Concussions in Football

Football is widely considered the most popular sport in America due to its growing fan-base and the heavy amount of followers already existing. American’s can’t be blamed for falling in love with the game due to the fast paced, hard hitting style of play. A large majority of fans focus on the touchdowns and hits, but seldom think about the toll the game puts on the athlete’s bodies. With players getting bigger, faster, and stronger, the hits have gotten harder and harder. Concussions have become an epidemic in the sport and they’re now a major topic of conversation.

Although athletes are presented with the most up to date and safest models of helmets, they can only protect the head so much upon receiving a bone crunching hit. Concussions are caused by a blow to the head, in which the brain receives trauma from hitting the inner wall of the skull. There is a very small amount of room between the brain and the skull, but it is enough for the impact to cause the trauma. Although concussion symptoms seem to be short term, each concussion sustained by an athlete can bring longer lasting side effects and even long term brain injuries which could lead to disabilities. This fear is instilled in so many players that some choose to retire from professional careers before their skills diminish. Already, three impact players below the age of 26 retired from the National Football League this past year due to their fear of sustaining more concussions. These players had very bright futures in the league and left millions of dollars on the table to put their safety first. If this isn’t a wake up call for many parents to think about safety when it comes to football, we’re not sure what is.

Due to the increased attention put towards concussion prevention and treatment, there are many new advances in the field. Physical therapists are now equipped with knowledge of how to treat concussions and will attempt to ease the symptoms and make a clear road to recovery. They can help calm dizziness by practicing balance exercises, while accessing the stability of the neck because headaches can be attributed to neck pain. Once the physical therapist deems the patient fit to resume activity, they will be put on a light workout schedule to ease their way back into shape.

When playing a sport, safety should always come first. The pads and helmets may be able to protect against some injuries, but all it takes is a big hit at an awkward angle to make the protection seem non-existent. All athletes should seek medical attention at the slightest notion of having a concussion to ensure the safest outcome possible.

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