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ACCESS PT: The Premier Therapist Led Rehabilitation Program in the Northeast

In this era of increasing regulation, now is the time to position your orthopedic and musculoskeletal service lines for success.  Hospitals and health systems can see significant benefits from a rehab solution that can help to shape the continuum of musculoskeletal care and accelerate growth of market consolidation of an orthopedic service line.



  • Innovative strategies for both the current healthcare system and in future payment models.
  • Expertise to optimize outcomes and grow market share.
  • Value-based initiatives for a better patient experience, better outcomes at a lower cost.


A Cohesive Ambulatory System, Vertically Integrated Musculoskeletal Care Value Based Care


  • Improved ability to bring new patients into the system.
  • Effectively care for patients where they live.
  • Improved ability to manage the total cost of care.
  • Enhanced therapist-physician communication; increased overall patient satisfaction.


Value-Based Care – A necessity and an opportunity

  • Rehabilitation is our entire focus. We design programs that optimize value in current service lines.
  • Specialized data analytics that capture KPIs of a successful rehab program.
  • Ability to analyze functional outcomes and identify variations in care that are significant cost drivers.
  • Customized plans to address areas with sufficient volume to make value-based investment cost effective.
  • Expertise in optimizing the patient experience across multiple settings.
  • Although often people seek therapy after surgery or for pain, rehabilitation programs can also keep healthy people healthy.
  • We have developed a program that improves outcomes and is cost-efficient for Total Joint Bundle programs.



  • Aligning the strategy and services offered by the rehab departments with the strategy and needs of the health system.
  • Providing consistent growth in the outpatient departments and a steady decrease in inpatient costs.
  • Building a solid foundation for a transition to value-based payments, develop programs around a patient care, patient experience and provider experience.



  • Experience with total joints, particularly working in bundle payment programs (BPCI) (30 and 90 days) as well as the CCJR program.
  • Focused pathways centered on better outcomes, lower costs, and excellent patient experiences–including pre-rehab home visits and post-acute home visits under Medicare Part B.
  • Experience in developing key programs including the rehab portion of concussion management, bariatrics, orthopedics (including joint bundle payments), acute back pain, occupational medicine, balance, and falls.
  • Our initiatives are quality-driven to meet the present and future reimbursement structures.
  • Strong marketing strategy and systems to grow market share.