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Cross Country Injuries

Cross country running is a rewarding but strenuous sport that can often lead to a number of injuries. The extremely long distances covered and the variety of running surfaces are just some of the factors that can wreck havoc on a cross country runner’s body. The sport is well loved by people all over the world so it is important to stay safe by taking certain precautions in order to decrease the likelihood of a running related injury.

There are many common injuries linked to cross country running, including shin splints, ankle sprains, blisters, runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, side stitches, chafing, and pulled muscles. These injuries can be devastating to those who have a love for both cross country and running in general. The easiest way to prevent injury is to make sure you never push yourself too hard and also to know and respect your limits when it comes to running.

A good warm up is always a good idea before you start a serious run. Stretching and cardio exercises will prepare your body for what is about to come and will help to prevent serious injury. Getting your muscles active will decrease the chance of strains and pulls while running. A cool down is also effective as it is not advised to completely stop your body after strenuous activity.

Possessing good running form helps to avoid injuries such as shin splints and backaches and will also help in injury prevention as many running injuries are developed over time. If you would like to improve your running abilities, a visit to a trained physical therapist can be your solution as they are often able to identify and correct any biomechanical flaws in your form. In order to be the best runner you can be, remember to never push yourself too hard and give yourself time to recover as injury prevention is essential to keeping your body in shape.

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