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Home-Based Outpatient Physical Therapy

What is Home-Based Outpatient Physical Therapy?

Home-Based Outpatient Physical Therapy consists of the same great physical therapy services that you would typically receive at a clinic – delivered to you in the comfort of your own home! Almost anyone can choose home-based services, depending on your insurance. This service is different than Home Health Physical Therapy, which has certain qualifying requirements.

How are you keeping everyone safe during this COVID-19 pandemic?

physical therapist wearing mask and glovesOur therapists are well-equipped with face masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes; face shields are also available. We also request that everyone we work with, including family members or friends who are nearby, wear masks as well. We utilize the same screening questionnaire as our clinics and offer telehealth sessions if there are any concerns. We disinfect all equipment after each use before returning it to our bag (our bag never even touches the ground!). We even utilize a barrier before placing our laptops on any surface. Our goal is to keep all of our clients and staff members as safe and healthy as possible!

What does a typical treatment session look like?

Home-based outpatient physical therapy is not that different from a session in a PT clinic. We start by checking in to see how you are doing, discuss any changes, and get straight to work! Therapy in the home ensures that you have our therapists’ undivided attention for the entirety of your session. The in-home team does not utilize Physical Therapy Assistants or Techs, so you know that you will work directly with a Physical Therapist throughout your care. We typically work with people 2-3x/week for 30-60 minutes per session, depending on their needs.

Are the exercises as challenging in the home as they would be in the clinic?

Absolutely! I have had multiple people tell me that our sessions in the home have been more challenging and more thorough than previous sessions in a PT clinic. We have had people in their 70’s standing on BOSU balls to improve lower extremity strength and balance. When squats become too easy, we grab some objects from around the home.  On top of that, we can be assured that you are performing your home exercises correctly while we are actually in the home with you!

Who most benefits from PT in the home?

It really is for everybody! But I believe that the people who benefit the most are people who recently or are about to have surgery, older adults with a history of falls or who are starting to feel unsteady and are losing their confidence, and stay-at-home or working parents who just can’t find the time to drive to a clinic.

Where can I find more information?

ACCESS PT currently offers outpatient in-the-home physical therapy in New York. You can also find more information on our in-home services page.