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Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Treatment and Management

You banged your knee at the last big game. Not a problem, right? Sure, it’s a little sore, but it’s nothing you can’t deal with. You try to go on with your normal routine, but there’s a problem. The soreness doesn’t let up. Resting and applying ice packs doesn’t stop the swelling around the joint from coming back. Your knee starts to feel wobbly and unstable. You don’t understand why the pain keeps getting worse; the game was a week ago, and now it’s hard to walk.

The problem most likely lies in your PCL, or posterior cruciate ligament. This is the ligament that runs along the back of your knee and prevents your tibia from moving back too far.

Injuries to the PCL are different from injuries to the ACL. Unlike the ACL, you won’t feel or hear a pop when the PCL is injured, and PCL injuries are more often than not written off as minor issues. If a PCL injury goes untreated, it can lead to osteoarthritis of the knee, and many people have not sought treatment because they believed it would heal itself with some rest and relaxation.

At home, you can treat a PCL injury by compressing your knee with ACE bandages or investing in a stabilizing knee brace for support, icing your knee for short periods of time (20 minute intervals often work best), elevating your knee whenever possible, and resting it as much as you can. You can also take over the counter pain relievers, such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol, to reduce swelling and ease the ever-present ache.

The exercise often recommended for those with knee injuries focuses less on the joint and more on the muscles around it. The stronger your supporting muscles are, the better equipped they are to stabilize your knee. A physical therapist may focus on your quad muscle when treating you for knee pain. Your therapist may also do some range of motion movement exercises with you.

If you catch your injury early and seek the proper treatment, you’ll be sure to be back on the field in no time!

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