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The Access Clean Machine

COVID-19 has presented some tremendous challenges over the past few months. Maintaining social distancing, keeping things clean and disinfected, and monitoring for symptoms have certainly kept us all busy during this time. Access Physical Therapy & Wellness is committed to making the safety of our patients and staff our top priority, followed closely by providing exceptional care for our patients to bring them back to a high quality of life.

Many people have called or stopped in to ask about how we are maintaining a safe and comfortable environment to facilitate healing for our patients. Here are a few questions we have been asked about how Access is continuing to provide excellent care while promoting the health and safety of all who enter our offices.

Q: What are you doing to clean your offices?

A: We are following CDC guidelines for general cleaning, including disinfection of all surfaces handled by patients or staff members, following appropriate handwashing guidelines at all times during patient care, and we have provided convenient areas for patients to wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer. In addition, we are following EPA guidelines regarding the specific products used to clean our surfaces and are knowledgeable on the correct method of use in order to ensure disinfection of surfaces against COVID-19. Finally, we are working to place signage in all offices on our commonly used items (tables, machines, etc.) to show that they are clean at a glance.

Q: What should I wear when I come for my appointment?

A: Apart from wearing comfortable clothing to complete your exercise program, we are requiring the use of face coverings or masks as per state and local guidelines. These help to ensure the safety of all who come for their care, and we ask that masks be worn appropriately as we work together to protect those who require our services.

Q: How are the therapists treating patients?

A: Your therapist will be wearing a mask and gloves to protect themselves and to promote appropriate hygiene during your care. Your specific needs will be addressed in a manner which provides maximum benefit while also protecting you and the therapist. You are more than welcome to express any specific concerns or questions with your therapist during your evaluation, or you can call our office prior to your appointment.

Q: Your offices must be getting busier since things are beginning to reopen. How are you maintaining social distancing?

A: Social distancing is an essential part of protecting patients and staff from common methods of transmission of COVID-19, and we have put in several safeguards to limit close contact between people. Our offices use a 2 patient-per-hour model of care which limits the number of people in the office at any one time, and we currently have a policy that limits visitors from waiting in the office while a patient is being treated (with the exception of medically necessary visitors such as patient care assistants, etc.). Our clinical and administrative staff are also knowledgeable in the management of foot traffic around each office and will guide patients through the office in a manner that limits any unnecessary close contact. In addition, some offices have performed some rearrangement of treatment tables and/or exercise machines to allow their patients to proceed with their usual care without waiting for an area to become available.

Q: That all sounds good, but I’m still concerned about being too close to others because of health concerns. Can you make any accommodations for this?

A: Our offices have private rooms available, and we are happy to allow you to use these rooms for your care. These are available for anyone to use, including those with health concerns that may put them at higher risk for illness. In addition, you may ask for an appointment time when scheduling that allows you to be the first or last patient on your therapist’s schedule when available, which will allow you to limit interaction with other people who may be entering or exiting during your time in our office.

Q: Do I need to wait outside before I come in for my appointment?

A: You do not need to wait outside before coming in for your appointment, but you are more than welcome to call before coming in if you have any specific questions to ask the Customer Service Specialist.

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness is working hard to keep our patients and staff safe as we continue to provide the excellent quality of care and awesome environment that help our patients achieve their goals of returning to enjoying their lives again. We strive for our patients to come for their care and feel comfortable and confident that their health is being preserved and that their quality of life will be greatly improved.