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ACCESS PT Joins Aetna Provider Network in New York State

CAMPBELL HALL, NEW YORK (NOV. 14, 2022)—ACCESS PT today reported that it has joined the provider network for patients covered by leading health insurance company Aetna Inc, in the state of New York.

ACCESS PT locations in other states were already in the Aetna network prior to today’s announcement, but beginning Tuesday, Nov. 15, all of ACCESS PT’s 50-plus locations throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions will be in-network.

“Aetna is a popular insurance in the regions we serve, so joining as an in-network provider means that more who are covered by Aetna can now come to us for the excellent quality of care and exceptional outcomes that make ACCESS PT a provider of first-choice, but without the higher out-of-pocket costs that go with seeing an out-of-network provider,” said Stephen Albanese, PT, DPT, co-founder and co-CEO of ACCESS PT.

An in-network provider is one that has contractually agreed to accept a negotiated rate for services billed to the insurance company, which typically results in covered patients paying less out of their own pockets; meanwhile, an out-of-network provider performs services without benefit of such a contract, so patients usually pay more out-of-pocket, Albanese explained.

“Our joining Aetna’s provider network should come as welcome news to the insurer’s many covered patients who have been willing to pay the extra amount in order to come to us or who have had to settle for other providers simply because the out-of-network cost posed too great a hardship,” he said.

ACCESS PT facilities are noted for their use of innovative treatment protocols and modalities, advanced support technologies, and highly skilled staff. Patients often express a preference for ACCESS PT because of its reputation as a convenient option for obtaining the physical therapy services they need in order to “move better, feel better, and live better,” according to Albanese.

Services available at ACCESS PT facilities generally include physical and manual therapy, strength conditioning, post-surgical care, sports medicine, work-related injury rehabilitation, soft-tissue mobilization, dry needling, and more.

ACCESS PT is particularly well-regarded for eliminating barriers to care—for example, the company offers evening appointments and directly accepts some patients without a referral from a primary care physician. “The goal is to help patients make their fastest and fullest possible therapeutic gains,” Albanese said.