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Cardin & Miller PT and ACCESS PT Join Forces to Expand Physical Therapy Services in Pennsylvania

Carlisle, Pennsylvania (March 31, 2023) Cardin & Miller PT, PC (CMPT) and ACCESS Physical Therapy & Wellness (ACCESS PT) have announced a partnership to form ACCESS PT PA, LLC to provide physical therapy services in Pennsylvania. CMPT will continue to operate in all three of its current locations in Central PA under the new entity, which was formed on March 1, 2023.

The success of CMPT is due to their outstanding team of therapists, office personnel, and support staff. Joining forces with ACCESS PT will provide growth opportunities for the staff while maintaining their focus on delivering top-notch service to clients. Both CMPT and ACCESS PT are family-owned businesses that share the same values. They look forward to building strong relationships as a unified team. The partnership with ACCESS PT allows CMPT to operate as a member of a team with over 50 locations across the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

“Our commitment to serving our clients remains our top priority. We are proud and excited to partner with the ACCESS PT team. Working alongside our new colleagues, we look forward to continuing to serve Central PA for years to come,” said Brian Cardin, who owns CMPT with his business partner Steve Miller. Both owners will remain in their leadership roles within the company. The two are excited about the opportunity to bring CMPT’s unique services to ACCESS PT. With the dedicated ACCESS PT administrative team handling business operations, the clinical team can concentrate on delivering an exceptional client experience.

ACCESS PT was founded 20 years ago with a strong focus on the value physical therapy brings to the healthcare team. They are committed to building relationships with other healthcare providers in the community and eliminating barriers to care. ACCESS PT welcomes the opportunity to work directly with clients seeking care through Pennsylvania’s Direct Access to PT policies allowing patients to seek physical therapy services without a physician’s referral or prescription. They strive to position themselves as a leader in the PT market by employing innovative treatment methods, advanced support technologies, and highly skilled staff.

Brian Cardin PT, C.Ped. and ACCESS PT co-CEO Chris Albanese, PT, MS, have developed their relationship over the years through mutual involvement in the American Physical Therapy Association. Both owners praise each other for their commitment to the profession and desire to create a healthcare company that attracts the best and brightest providers.

“We’re thrilled to have them joining us,” said Albanese. “It’s a genuinely great pairing, especially because Cardin & Miller PT and ACCESS PT are both such strong believers in the importance of helping patients move better, feel better, and live better.”

“Our desire is to develop such trust and relationships with clients that they view us as ‘their therapist,’ just as they have ‘their doctor’ or ‘their dentist.’ We have been blessed to have the opportunity to serve this community for over 17 years. We view this partnership with ACCESS PT as the next step in our journey to advancing care in Central PA,” said Cardin.

Appointments are available in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg (Flowers Drive) & Mechanicsburg (Cumberland Parkway). To schedule an appointment, please call: 717-245-0400. Visit for all ACCESS PT locations and appointments.

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