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Golf and Physical Therapy

We often only think of physical therapy when we have an injury or surgery to recover from. This is not always the case, physical therapy can improve a golfer’s game as well. With physical therapy you will increase your flexibility, range of motion, and balance, all of which will help you on the course and shed a few strokes from your game.

Physical Therapists study the mechanics and the motions in which the body moves. One of the most interesting movements for golfers is that of the way a golfer swings a club. Any golfer can appreciate when they have full range of motion swinging that club. By analyzing your swing, PT’s make you aware of what aspect your swing is lacking. Working on your posture and swing habits can help you discover what your golf game is missing. Addressing the issues will put the power into that swing that you have been lacking.

Analyzing hip rotation, shoulder movement, and back alignment are just some aspects that the PT can examine to identify what needs strengthened or stretched out. Overall health and wellness are primary when it comes to seeing how your golf game can be improved. Stretching and warming up your body are essential when it comes to playing any sport. You cannot expect your body to perform at its finest if it has not been warmed up properly. Taking care of your body is the PT’s most important concern. Not only can they help with your game.It will also benefit you in the long run. Preventing injury and keeping you healthy allowing you to play the game for many more years to come.

With spring in the air, this warm weather is going to have you itching to get on the golf course. Consider that if you have not been as active in the winter that you should ease back into the game. Seeing a PT to review how your body is doing and to strengthen it before going out for a full 18 can be just what you need! Take care of your body and it will repay you.

We feel like we have the best physical therapists around. Did you know you don’t need a referral to get help from a Physical Therapist? Direct access is available for you, please call us and set up an evaluation so we can help get you back on your feet. In Orange County we offer Physical Therapy in Chester, Goshen, Monroe, Port Jervis, and Montogmery. Westchester County has Physical Therapy in Armonk, Bedford, and Hawthorne. In Ulster County we offer Physical Therapy in Wallkill, while in Sullivan County you can get Physical Therapy in Ferndale. To round out our 12 locations in New York, those living in Rockland County can go to Physical Therapy in New City as well as Pomona.  If you happen to live in PA, we also have Physical Therapy in Milford and Dingmans Ferry of Pike County.  Give us a call today!