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Interview with Chris

I came into the interview with Chris Albanese with over 10 years of experience as a PT, which included a supervisory position. I had a background of working in acute care, sub-acute rehab, and had experienced outpatient orthopedics at 3 previous facilities in my career. I knew that I loved being a PT no matter what setting I was in. And with only one exception, I only had worked for companies that I respected and had only been with energetic, educated, supportive teams. I had high standards for a potential employer and had strong opinions about the best way patients should be treated in an outpatient setting.

I had gone already gone on several interviews, with only one as a possible candidate, but the rest were a definite “no”. Every facility wanted me to treat at least 3 people an hour with 30 minute evaluation slots and everyone asked me the standard job history questions. To be straightforward about it, the interview with Chris was far from standard and probably the strangest one I had ever been on. Yes he asked me the standard job history questions, but he also asked my opinion on how to grow a company or how I would set up an office. He also asked me some theoretical situational questions and how I would respond in that situation. He talked being a team and having a culture in a work place. He presented putting patient care first with a 2 patient/hour schedule with at least 45 minutes for an evaluation. And if I wanted to see more patients I would get a bonus for doing so.

I left the interview with an unsettled, but excited feeling. As I was driving home, I realized Chris’s line of questioning was trying to see not only how qualified of a PT I was, but what were my values, what type of person I was and if I would fit into their culture and their plans for the future. I knew then and there, that a company that puts so much thought and effort into an interview, this was something I needed to see further.