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Joint Replacement

Has a doctor recommended joint replacement surgery? You are not alone. Joint replacements have become more common as more than one million Americans have had their hips or knees replaced each year. Joints can be damaged by arthritis as well as other diseases or injuries. As you gets older, more bone and joint problems occur. A doctor may suggest joint replacement to improve quality of life as it may help you move around and relieve pain you may be pushing through. Some common knowledge may help you decide if you would like to follow through with the surgery.

Joints are where two or more bones are able to connect together. An example of a joint would be located at the knee, hip, or shoulder. Joint replacement surgery is a process in which a damaged joint is removed and a new joint is inserted. Joints become a problem when they are damaged as it can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. Since bone tissues are alive, proper blood flow is needed to allow themselves to repair.

New joints are inserted in a way that your bone is able to grow into it. For the elderly, joints are cemented because they have “weak” bones. Uncemented joints are recommended for younger, more active people who have fairly good quality bones. Replaced joints last for approximately 10-15 years.

It is advised you seek medical help if you are in constant pain as only a doctor is able to tell if a joint replacement is necessary. Exams may need to be taken to identify any damage in the joints. After an examination of your joints, a doctor may recommend exercises, physical therapy, or medication dependent on the severity of the joint damage. During the joint replacement surgery, the patient will be given anesthesia to block out nerve receptors enabling them to feel pain. The damaged joint is replaced with plastic or metal and the duration of the surgery is dependent on each individual.

Physical therapy is the most effective treatment after joint surgery. Physical therapy uses a physical method as a long lasting way to relieve pain as opposed to medication that may settle the pain for a short time only to return a few hours later. Physical therapy is often followed by the joint surgery and it is used to help strengthen muscles around the new joint and assist in your ability to regain motion.

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