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Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy Month! Occupational Therapists help people with a broad range of therapy, encompassing anything that people would do on a daily basis or in their occupations. Many children with disabilities require occupational therapy to help them with school and socializing with others. Occupational therapy can also help with rehabilitation from injury, as well as older people who experience changes later in life. Occupational therapy also includes an evaluation of the environment one is living in, and suggests any changes to make it more livable or comfortable.

Access Physical Therapy has two very capable and highly trained Occupational Therapists on staff. Cynthia Boccia OTR/L, graduated from Dominican College in 2000. Here she received her Bachelor of Science degree. Since then she has mastered the diagnosing and treating of orthopedic afflictions in the wrist, hands, and elbow. She has been an expert provider of occupational therapy in the Orange County area for over 15 years, starting as an OT in a hospital rehabilitation center and treating patients of varying conditions.

Jennifer Conklin, OTR/L, is another highly qualified Occupational Therapist on staff at Access Physical Therapy. She graduated from Utica College of Syracuse University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science. With 15 years of experience in Orange County, Jennifer Conklin has extensive expertise with in-patient rehab, sub-acute and long term care, as well as outpatient hand therapy. She prides herself on achieving the highest level of independence for her patients.

While April is Occupational Therapy Month, it is important to remember our wonderful Occupational Therapists throughout the year. Occupational Therapy is a field that often goes overlooked, but many people benefit from this great field of rehabilitation.

We feel like we have the best physical therapists around. Did you know you don’t need a referral to get help from a Physical Therapist? Direct access is available for you, please call us and set up an evaluation so we can help get you back on your feet. In Orange County we offer Physical Therapy in Chester, Goshen, Monroe, Port Jervis, and Montogmery. Westchester County has Physical Therapy in Armonk, Bedford, and Hawthorne. In Ulster County we offer Physical Therapy in Wallkill, while in Sullivan County you can get Physical Therapy in Ferndale. To round out our 12 locations in New York, those living in Rockland County can go to Physical Therapy in New City as well as Pomona.  If you happen to live in PA, we also have Physical Therapy in Milford and Dingmans Ferry of Pike County.  Give us a call today!