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Physical Therapy Helps Alzheimer’s Disease

The month of November is dedicated to a cause that affects many lives: National Alzheimer’s Awareness month. As of 2014, in the United States there is an estimate of 5.2 million Alzheimer’s patients.  Americans are encouraged to participate in Alzheimer’s Association activities to help fight for a cure.

Alzheimer’s disease has 10 progressive stages with symptoms. The cognitive symptoms of the disease are the disrupting of memory, language, thinking and reasoning. There are behavioral psychiatric symptoms that are a group of additional symptoms that may occur to some degree depending upon the patient.

The use of physical therapy is important for treating Alzheimer patients. With different stages of the disease, a physical therapist can recognize the challenges associated with it. As an adjunct to traditional medical treatment, a physical therapist will design a treatment program that is specifically tailored to the disease.

Balance Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, and Massage Therapy are all important methods of therapy for Alzheimer patients. There are specific exercises used in balance therapy that improves balance.  Standing with both feet close together or standing on one foot are effective and basic exercises that physical therapists will recommend. To improve safety, assistive devices may be provided. The dependence on assistive devices will be gradually reduced as therapy continues. Supervised balance therapy enables the patient to improve their balance gradually.

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Therapeutic exercise is an important method of physical therapists. This this type of exercise will improve mobility, muscle tone and circulation; examples are brisk walking and swimming.  Alzheimer’s disease causes frustration for the patient, massage therapy is helpful in elevating stress.

If you know a person who has Alzheimer’s disease you should recommend physical therapy to their caretaker because their quality of life will be improved over time through the use of physical therapy. When shopping for physical therapist always search online for one that has positive reviews and a substantial amount of reviews.

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