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Practice Partnerships History

steve albanese

Albanese family with partner Innocent Rawanda and his wife in our Milford PA clinic

Barbara Albanese taught her boys that helping others is a rewarding and noble way to live life. Chris and Steve Albanese took those lessons to heart and built careers in physical therapy.  When they saw how patients were treated at the clinics where they worked as young therapists, they knew they could find a better way.

They started with one small clinic in Montgomery NY, and have grown their practice over the years to more than 20 locations on the East Coast.

In contrast to the corporate clinics that dominate physical therapy these days, Access Physical Therapy & Wellness still remains at its core a family business, based on the values the Albaneses learned from their parents. Many members of the extended Albanese family work with the business in a variety of ways.

Chris and his wife Janet; and Steve and his wife Shannon are looking for partners who share their patient-centered vision, and mission to be a great place for physical therapists to work. Over the years, they’ve partnered with a number of independently-owned practices who share those values, yet want the support and resources of a bigger organization.

Even though their first clinic was successful, Chris and Steve saw how challenging the market was for a small independent practice.  Future survival would require growth and efficiency.  They envisioned a company that would withstand the changes ahead in healthcare, anticipating that reimbursement would not increase as fast as the cost of running a business.

Slowly and steadily Access has grown through partnering with clinics and therapists who share the company mission. Access Physical Therapy & Wellness has become the premier physical therapy practice in the Hudson Valley and continues to expand to neighboring states. Access has been named one of the best companies to work for in New York three times.

Access clinics maintain their independence and clinical vision, focusing on patient care and building relationships in their community.  A committed team of professionals in Campbell Hall, NY provides administrative support; sharing these costs among clinics provides efficiency and value.

We work with clinic owners who are ready for a change, whether it is to have resources to take the practice to the next stage of growth, or helping develop an exit strategy and protecting your team as you near retirement.

 If you provide excellent clinical care & have an entrepreneurial spirit, we’d like to meet you. Please reach out to us.