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Suffering from lower back pain? Your physical therapist can help.

Most people experience some form of back pain. Many individuals experience a mild pain that disappears on its own after a short time. Others may experience a more intense pain that can lead to immobility and a decrease in quality of life. Lower back pain can occur due to strain, overuse, or injury.

Physical therapists can help improve mobility and reduce pain and, in many cases, without surgery or medications. Not all lower back pain is the same and a physical therapist can modify treatment to meet the needs of your specific condition. Physical therapists not only provide custom treatment options but supply education on proper exercise techniques and caring for your back. Therapists can also offer manual therapy, which includes spinal manipulation, to treat pain and increase mobility in joints and muscles.

There are two main types of treatment methods for lower back pain: passive and active. Passive methods of physical therapy include heat application, ice packs, and electrical stimulation. These methods are done to the patient and are used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and decrease muscle spasms.

Active methods focus on exercising with added stretching. Active exercises are done by the patient and help to reduce lower back pain and improve functionality. Physical therapists use this method to assist in helping patients recover from back pain issues and prevent or minimize future issues. Active exercise focuses on lumbar spine support by generating strength and stability. Incorporating proper stretching along with active exercise will help maintain improved mobility and prevent muscle atrophy. Those suffering from lower back pain should not only focus on stretching lower back and abdominal muscles but also hips and legs.

Meet with your physical therapist for an evaluation to create a custom treatment plan that will help solve your lower back issues. You don’t have to let lower back pain decrease your mobility or affect your quality of life.