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The Most Common Injuries of Track and Field

In track and field, overuse injuries are quite common. The most common injury that occurs in track are shin splints and knee injuries. Some of the most common injuries for runners are:

Runner’s Knee: This is more common in female athletes than in males. Runner’s knee is when pain is caused in the undersurface of the patella due to irritation, and the kneecap rubs against one side of the knee joint.

Jumper’s Knee: This is caused when an athlete’s patellar tendon becomes inflamed, a condition known as patellar tendonitis. What results is friction ,which leads to the inflammation. This can also result from overuse and when the kneecap does not move up and down in its natural groove.

The ultimate overuse injury are stress fractures. If a sore spot is left untreated, then the bone could split in two, resulting in a hairline bone fracture. If you feel pain or soreness,  while running, get it checked out as soon as possible to avoid further potential injury.

In track, most movements are repetitive, which leads to overuse, and often results in injuries. Biomechanical imbalance, running too much and running on hard surfaces are the primary causes of overuse problems.

If you obtain a track and field induced injury, it is highly recommended that you see a highly qualified physical therapist. He or she will help address the problem, help you heal and get you up and running again.

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