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The Mulligan Concept

Access Physical Therapy and Wellness Center would like to congratulate Dr. Jonathan Hunziker on receiving his certification in The Mulligan Concept of Physical Therapy. Receiving this certification makes Dr. Hunziker the only physical therapist certified in the Mulligan Concept in Orange County, NY.

The Mulligan Concept was developed by Dr. Brian Mulligan of New Zealand. It requires both the patient and physical therapist to work together to alleviate the patient’s pain and increase their movement almost immediately. The Mulligan Concept requires the physical therapist to reposition the bone, muscle or joint that is causing pain while the patient moves the same body part simultaneously. For the most part, the Mulligan Concept is used for people with lower back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, and impingement syndrome.

There are 4 main techniques that are used in the Mulligan Concept

  • SNAGs

  • NAGs

  • Peripheral MWM

  • SMWLMs

SNAGs stands for Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides. SNAGs is typically used when treating pain in spinal joints, rib cages and the sacroiliac joint. NAGs stands for Natural Apophyseal Glides. NAGs will be used for injuries to the cervical and upper thoracic spine. Peripheral MWM stands for Peripheral Mobilisations with Movement. Peripheral MWM is used to help improve movement and functioning  in peripheral joints or extremity joints. SMWLMs stands for Spinal Mobilization with Limb Movements. SMWLMs will be used for pain and movement in the joints of lower extremities.

Therapists that are certified in the Mulligan Concept go through extensive training. They sit in on multiple seminars, and also complete multiple written and physical performance tests. This concept has resulted in both the immediate pain relief and improved functioning of joints in many patients when the concept is done correctly.

Access Physical Therapy and Wellness now offers the Mulligan Concept with Dr. Hunziker for the treatment of joint pain that may develop from sports injuries, work accidents, and back/neck pain.

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