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#ChoosePT Campaign Success Stories are Already Coming in

The American Physical Therapy Association introduced the #ChoosePT campaign a few months ago, and it’s already yielding positive results.

In a recent success story, a 49-year-old man, named Robert, who had broken his shoulder was given prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication. Due to a pre-existing case of diverticulitis, he was unable to take the medication. The anti-inflammatory medication caused more pain and discomfort than the broken shoulder. He then began seeing a physical therapist, and not only did the therapy relieve his pain and restore function and mobility to him, but it also prevented him from needing to undergo a surgical procedure.  To read Robert’s full success story, click here.

The purpose of the #ChoosePT campaign is to educate Americans on the ongoing opioid epidemic in the country, and to encourage them to choose physical therapy in treating chronic pain, rather than pain medications.

Physical therapists treat the underlying causes of pain, rather than just masking it with pain medication. By offering individualized treatment plans that focus on the condition of each patient, physical therapists can develop exercise plans and manual treatments for patients to help them return to optimal health.

If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic pain, it’s important to know that opioids are not a panacea for pain and not the only option available. Physical therapy is a proven treatment for healing and treating conditions that cause chronic pain. Please join us in helping to end the opioid epidemic in America by choosing the safe way of treating chronic pain. Let your choice be an inspiration to others by using the hashtag #ChoosePT, and show your support of therapy over prescription opioids. For more information on physical therapy and how it can help heal your chronic pain, visit