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New Year’s Resolutions That Last Longer Than Your Holiday Left Overs!

Every year we make New Year’s weight loss resolutions that usually last roughly 3 days into the New Year.  Our resolutions are long forgotten until the end of the year when we make the same unobtainable goals for the next year. Our confidence diminishes as failures and weight increase.

What went wrong? Why do all our good intentions last less time than our holiday left overs?

What happens is our determination gets diluted as our complex lives take our focus and attention.  New priorities arise and that multiple step plan to reduce weight goes by the way side.

How to succeed? Well, first of all, pick ONE SIMPLE GOAL to focus on instead of a laundry list of behavior changes. Select something you can easily accomplish, like eating a protein-packed, low carb breakfast or replacing sugary, high calorie, no nutrient, soda with sparkling water and a little juice. Or, rid your cupboards of that one evil snack that you cannot resist. Prepare your protein packed breakfast in advance and make your soda-substitute and healthy snack purchases over the weekend when you have fewer distractions.

When you focus on one behavioral change you will actually maintain the focus you need to succeed. Then, after a few months, when your one simple goal becomes a habit, pick a new simple goal.  Success begets success!