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Warming Up Before Tee Time

The full golf swing rotates the spine with a tremendous amount of force and can make you susceptible to pain and injuries. Because of this, a proper warm-up is important and consists of exercises and stretches to increase blood circulation in the golfing muscles. Pre-game stretching reduces the chance of injury and improves performance (pre-stretched muscles can exert more force than non-stretched muscles). What pre-game stretching won’t do is increase body temperature. Since cold muscles and tendons are more prone to injury than properly warmed ones, stretching should follow 5 minutes of light, gentle movement.

Exercises That Increase Blood Circulation in The Golfing Muscles:

  • Walk around or in place.
  • Step Sideways – Right foot out and back, left foot out and back.
  • Arm Swings – Keep arms straight as you slowly cross arms in front, spreading shoulder blades apart, then slowly swing arms out to the side while squeezing shoulder blades together.
  • Arm Circles – Keep arms straight as you slowly circle left arm up, back, then down. Repeat with right arm.
  • Partial Squats – Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands on hips. Bend from the hips and slowly sit back. Don’t go lower than about 10 inches. Make sure your knees are over your toes for proper alignment.

Stretches That Increase Flexibility in The Golfing Muscles:

Stretching means going slowly and gently to the point of mild tension. Hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds–no bouncing! Perform a stretch for the same length of time on each arm or leg. To relieve sore or tight muscles, stretch after your game as well as before.

Low Back – Sit with good posture on a bench or golf cart seat. Slowly turn to your right to a point of mild tension. If it’s comfortable to do so, grab the back of your seat. Keep feet on floor. Hold, then repeat on left side.

Hip – Sit and cross right leg over left with right ankle resting on left knee. Keep back straight as you lean forward to a comfortable position. Hold, then repeat on left hip.

Hamstring – Extend left leg with knee straight on a bench or golf cart seat. Keep back straight and chin up as you slowly reach toward toes. Hold, then repeat with right leg.

Shoulders and Arms – Grip head of golf club with right hand and extend it behind your head, letting the club hang vertically. Reach up with the left hand and grab the club as far up the shaft as you comfortably can. Gently pull down with your left hand until you feel a mild stretch in your right shoulder. Hold, then repeat on left shoulder.

Chest and Shoulders – Standing with good posture, hold a golf club horizontally behind your back with both hands, palms facing out. Slowly raise your arms until you feel a mild stretch in your chest and shoulders. Keep upright–don’t lean forward.

Side Bend – Standing with good posture and feet shoulder-width apart, hold club horizontally above your head with both hands. Slowly lean to the right until you feel a mild stretch along the left side of your trunk. Hold, then repeat on opposite side.

For prolonged improvement in flexibility, you should stretch after your strength-training workout or other exercise, when your connective tissue and muscles are thoroughly warmed up. Another good time to stretch is after a hot bath or shower.

Enjoy your time on the course!