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Why Stretching is Important

A common misconception about stretching is that it is only important for athletes in order to prevent injury, but in fact stretching is important for everyone. This does not necessarily mean that everyone needs to set time aside each day to stretch and flex their body, but simply that they need to be aware of the benefits that come from stretching and try to do so more often than not.

Surprisingly, there is not a significant amount of research that directly links stretching as a cause for reduced injury in sports; however, it is widely recognized that it can instead make a person more comfortable, which in turn, increases performance.

Stretching not only makes a person more comfortable but it also improves development and posture. The main benefit of stretching is increasing the range of motion for target areas. While there is no significant proof that stretching prevents injury, an increase in range of motion during physical activity is likely to prevent imbalance and accidents that might lead to injury.

Stretching is like a secret exercise; you may not see the results as clearly as building the size of a muscle or the length of personal endurance, but there is no doubt that it improves performance.

If you’re not convinced that stretching will make you more comfortable, then we dare you to try it. You might even find that stretching will make you more active. The main reason many people don’t stretch is that they can’t be bothered to take the time to do it because they do not see the point.

Stretching also warms up the muscles. The warming up of muscles allows for an increased flow of blood and oxygen that not only makes us more comfortable but also more willing to take advantage of that increased range of motion.

So whether you are trying to get rid of the aches and pains in your legs or back or trying to become more active, just bend down and touch your toes for thirty seconds; the only difference it is going to make in your life is a good one.


Header photo by from Pexels