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All You Need to Know About Functional Capacity Evaluations

What is a functional capacity evaluation? Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an evaluation on an individual’s capacity to perform the necessary work related activities in his or her field of employment. To sum it up, the FCE process helps evaluate a person’s ability to work in their respected environment. If a person becomes disabled or injured and cannot perform the necessary tasks done at their job, they may need to take a FCE before returning. Typically, the FCE is a physical assessment, but over the past few years, cognitive testing has also been used as a method of determining whether or not a person is capable to return to work.One may be asked to lift, carry, push and pull things when performing the FCE. Furthermore, positional activities such as sitting, standing, walking kneeling, reaching, crouching and many more are also usually a form of assessment. They usually last from 4-6 hours and in some cases, may be done over the course of two consecutive days.  It is very important that the FCE be administered safely, so the client is not put in any harm whatsoever.

People that can benefit from FCE include:

  • A person attempting to gain Social Security Disability benefits

  • A person who has been injured on the job and wishes to return to work

  • A person seeking return to work after an illness or injury (outside of work)

  • A person seeking vocational rehabilitation services

Occupational therapy plays a major role in FCE’s because therapists will help the person set and achieve goals. They will also be able to analyze the patient and decide what is the best way to help them recapture the physical and cognitive skills they had before their injury, accident or illness. Disability status, workers’ compensation, and work ability status for vocational rehabilitation are all things that FCE’s can help with in determining the outcome. Therefore, occupational therapists are more than qualified to perform FCE’s and are the perfect practitioners to give a detailed overview of a patient’s current work abilities.

Besides needing FCE’s as a form of proof, they also provide a person with the necessary assurance that they need in order to feel confident and capable of working again. FCE’s are usually covered by workers’ compensation plans, insurance plans or individuals themselves. There are many different situations that people have to seek an FCE; therefore, it is best to do some research and find out how you can seek help in the best possible way.

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