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Avoiding Muscle Tears

While muscle strains and tears can happen to anyone regardless of their level of physical activity, most muscle injuries do occur during high level athletic play. Muscle tears occur when they are stretched beyond capacity leading to separation from the tendon. There are simple ways to prevent ever having to deal with the agony of muscle tears.

Whether it’s lifting weights, running, or another exercise, the gym is a prime spot for muscle tears. When weightlifting, it is important to know your strength and learn to take it slow. Lifting weight that is outside your capacity can quickly tear a muscle. As for running over long distances on the treadmill, the same idea stands. Knowing your limits and going at a sustainable pace will put your leg muscles at a much lower risk of injury.

Muscular injuries in sports occur often, as most of us have seen while watching our favorite collegiate or professional sports. These injuries frequently occur after a quick burst of speed. Although these are experienced athletes, they sometimes don’t take the appropriate steps to minimize the risk of straining or tearing a muscle. Even with the professional trainers they have to tend to their bodies, players often neglect taking part in a full compliment of stretching before a game. Before any prolonged physical activity all participants should take the time to stretch various parts of their legs, as well as any other muscle being used. The calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings are most important because they provide power to the top and bottom portions of the leg. Each stretch should last between ten and twenty seconds to ensure they are effective.

Between time constraints due to busy schedules and the excitement of doing something you love, it can be tempting to jump right in to your activity of choice. Taking ten minutes to stretch before starting can go a long way in both performance and longevity of the muscles. Every athlete should learn the proper stretches and use them to the fullest to protect against injury.

We hope you never experience any sports injuries, but if you do, our expert physical therapists are here to help. Give us a call today!