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Choosing the Proper Cane

If you are advised by a doctor or physical therapist to use a cane it is important to make sure that the one you buy is the perfect fit for you. When buying a cane, if you do not buy one to meet your specific needs you can further hurt yourself. It is important to find a cane that is the right fit for you so that you will be safe and comfortable when using it.

After being advised to use a cane, you should consult a physical therapist so that you can be properly fitted. By getting properly fitted, you will be able to avoid any fall-related injuries. A recent study has show that 47,000 senior citizens have ended up in the emergency room due to falls from using the wrong walking aid, such as walkers or canes. With such a high number of falls and such a great risk of injury, physical therapists urge that you get fitted for a cane prior to using one. One of the biggest factors that leads to improper cane usage, is that many people borrow canes or walkers from family and friends. This is unsafe because not everyone is the same height or has the same needs when it comes to a walking aids.  If you do not have the proper cane you can experience discomfort when using the cane and risk further injury.

If you are in need of a walking aid, your physical therapist will first determine which is the right one for you. They will assess your needs and determine whether a cane or a walker is the best choice for your needs. Once this is decided, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to make sure your are using your cane properly. First, your cane should always be the height of your wrists when your arms are at your sides. This is a helpful way to check that you have your cane set at the proper height for your body. If you are using a walker, keep in mind that you should never have to bend forward at the waist to reach it, and if you do this may be a sign that your walker is set at the wrong height. Lastly, always check the rubber tips at the bottom of the cane or walker that you are using. If the rubber tips look uneven or are worn through, make sure to replace them. These rubber tips are there for your safety and to make sure you do not slip and fall.

Canes and walkers are there to be your aid and they should never be the cause of further injury. If you are using a cane it is important to make sure it is the proper fit for your body and that it stays in the best condition possible. Be sure to consult your physical therapist prior to using a cane to make sure you are using the right cane for you!

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