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Diabetes Awareness Month

Like many other major conditions and diseases, Diabetes has a month dedicated to its awareness, fundraising, and research development. November is national diabetes month. This disease is growing rampant in our country in children and adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 26 million people live with the condition. The CDC also states that an estimated 19 million have been diagnosed, 7 million are unaware that they have the disease, and about 79 million people have abnormal blood glucose levels that can develop to diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition where the hormone insulin does not meet the patient’s sugar intake level or the body resists the insulin. Insulin converts sugar to glucose our cells need for energy. The lack of insulin or resistance to it gives a patient high blood sugar, which can lead to numerous problems including amputations, stroke, blindness and kidney disease. An imbalanced sugar level can be dangerous if not managed. Fortunately diabetes is a condition that is very manageable and patients with diabetes can continue with their normal daily activities, although they need to monitor their blood sugar daily.

Diet, exercise, and the proper medication are usually known to be the best way of handling the disease and prevent its severity. Among many other treatments for diabetes, physical therapy has become a successor. It is vital for diabetics to stay active to keep cholesterol down, lower blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight. Lack of exercise will result in a higher risk for stroke, heart disease and other serious complications. Both resistance and aerobic exercises are beneficial for treating the disease and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because diabetes can at times be sensitive to environments and lifestyle changes, introducing physical activity into your routine should be monitored carefully. By working with a physical therapist a diabetic will have supervised exercises tailored to their needs at whatever stage of the condition they are in. Poor circulation, specifically in the feet, is a common concern that diabetics face that activity and specialized motion with a physical therapist can ameliorate.  Take a step in the right direction and speak to your local physical therapists to see if this treatment is right for you. Any physical activity is good activity; take back control of your diabetes today.

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