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In-Home Post-Surgical Recovery for Total Joint Patients

Why In-Home Post Surgically? And Why Now?

More and more people are having – or are in need of – joint replacement surgeries. After surgery, you have options for the recovery process and deciding which is best for you can be overwhelming. Should I request to stay in a rehab? Can I really go to an outpatient clinic right away post-op? What if I have trouble getting around?

What’s the answer?

In-home post-surgical physical therapy is a safe, convenient option to begin your joint replacement recovery. In fact, the latest studies show that patients who receive in-home care post surgically actually progress very well.

in-home physical therapist with patientAccording to a recent study, during the past few years, discharges to rehab facilities have declined by half at most facilities, with no notable increase in complications or hospital readmissions. This study found that in 2018 85% of knee replacement patients and 88% of hip replacement patients went home after surgery, respectively. This trend is likely to increase as evidence mounts that recuperating at home is a safe alternative and as hospitals adjust medical practices in response to changing insurance qualifications.

In-Home vs. Rehabilitation Facility

Where’s the best place to recover after a hip or knee replacement—at home or in a rehabilitation facility?

Increasingly, the answer appears to be in-home if:

  1. the procedure is elective;
  2. friends and family are available to help, and;
  3. the patient doesn’t have serious conditions that could lead to complications.

ACCESS PT In-Home Post-Surgical Care

In-home care with ACCESS PT provides one-to-one care in the comfort and convenience of your own home. This enables you to recuperate in a familiar environment, eat your own food, sleep in your own bed and avoid unnecessary car trips to facilities in your early stages of recovery. Your in-home PT will work with you to improve strength, range of motion, and safe functional mobility to enable you to progress to an outpatient facility to continue along your rehabilitation process. In-home PT is an efficient and safe way to recover post-op and progress optimally.

For many patients, recuperating at home is a safe alternative after a total joint replacement. ACCESS PT currently offers outpatient in the home physical therapy services in New York’s Hudson Valley. For more information, give us a call at (845) 364-7312. We’d love to help!