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New City Testimonial

My name is Samantha Simon and for the last 6 weeks or so I have been a patient at your New City location of Access Physical Therapy, even though it seems like a whole lot longer. I wanted to write you so you understand why this place and this new start at life your team has given me.

I ended up at your facility by mistake. My Neurologist who prescribed physical therapy for me for my spastic traits in my legs, had initially recommended me to Helen Hayes. Unfortunately they were giving me the run around to start and I couldn’t wait any longer. So I google physical therapists in the area and saw Access Physical Therapy + New City. From the first phone call to set up my evaluation to six weeks later Amanda, and Adam and your three amazing receptionists and your aides, have treated me like family. I have been to other physical therapy places before and I was always treated like I was a number instead of a person.

Amanda from the very beginning has been such a breath of fresh air. No matter how tired I am after working a full day and commuting an hour back from Englewood to Rockland County and then working out with her for 30 minutes has always been my biggest cheerleader extremely supportive, encouraging and reminds me that I am doing this for my future wedding in September, my trip to Morocco in October, and for the rest of my life. My initial evaluation she told me if this doesn’t work then we would have to talk about walking instruments. I was never going to let that happen. She has been able to push me harder than I have ever pushed myself before, in such a short period of time.

Then there is Adam, what can I say about him. I got to work with him when Amanda was away in Greece and I was reluctant because it wasn’t Amanda and I wasn’t sure how the transition was going to work. It went smooth, and it was if Amanda was there. Even though Adam wasn’t Amanda  I was pushed just as hard and just as tough as my prior sessions had been. Like Amanda he makes it fun, I sometimes forgot that I was at Physical Therapy.  It was more like I was hanging out with family.

That’s what I love about your facility. I’m not just a number, or a patient. You welcome me in as if I was a member of the Access Physical Therapy family. It is very rare to find that at a Doctors office or more importantly a physical therapy facility. I was told so many times before that just hang around I will get back to you and 10, 15 minutes go by and I am still sitting there. Not with Amanda or Adam. You never have more than 2 or 3 patients at a time and you have always given me the respect and personal attention that you feel I deserve.

6 weeks ago when I did my initial evaluation I scored 42 out of 56 and Amanda and I were talking about walking instruments. 6 weeks later at my progress evaluation I scored 53 out of 56 and the talks of those instruments has seemed to disappear. I didn’t tell Amanda or Adam yet, but I even wore a pair of high heels for first time in 3 years.

I want you to know how much this process means to me and my future.

Regards for a great weekend and I look forward to my continued progress with Access,

Samantha Simon