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PT for Life: An Interview with Creator of Aquaman, Ramona Fradon


Trisha Livermore, PT, DPT and Ramona Fradon with a custom illustration

Trisha Livermore, PT, DPT, director of our Woodstock, NY office had the honor of working with a very special patient, Ramona Fradon, DC comic artist and creator of Aquaman!

Ramona Fradon was born in Chicago and moved to Westchester County, New York when she was five. She always had a love for drawing, and tells Dr. Livermore, “I feel like I was born with a pencil in my hand.” As a child, she never thought about being a professional artist, but her father encouraged her to go to art school. He wanted her to become a fashion artist and when she expressed interest in cartooning he was disappointed. This didn’t stop Ramona – she entered cartooning just after graduating from the Parsons School of Design.

While she was in school she met Dana Fradon, whom she married. He encouraged her to do cartooning not only because she was a natural but also simply because they needed the money. Over the course of her career, she drew mostly for DC comics and is most known for creating Aquaman, the Super Friends, and Metamorpho.

Ramona says that physical therapy has helped her keep proper posture and good balance, which has helped her continue to do what she loves. Ramona says, “I remember thinking when I was in my 30’s, will I still be drawing when I’m 75?” The answer is yes! She has surpassed her goal and is still illustrating and doing commissioned work at 95 years young!

Ramona is one of our dearest patients and an amazing example of an individual able to continue doing what they’re passionate about with the help of physical therapy. If you’d like to learn more about Ramona and her work, visit the links below.